Make a Masterpiece With YouTube Video Creation and Advertising!

On 23rd of April 2005 the very first YouTube video creation was uploaded, it was entitled me at the zoo and it can still be viewed today. Since then YouTube has become a global phenomenon. With people from all around the planet uploading their favorite video clips.

The web site is now the second most visited search engine behind Google. One of the reasons behind the popularity is the video marketing, an effective strategy used to promote ones business. There are several ways of doing this with YouTube.

YouTube video creation allows you to create your own short video clip that best represents your company or website. Many website design companies will do this for you, if you want it done professionally and correctly, this would be a good choice.

The cost of this is of no limits, you can spend as little or as much as you like, it all depends on what customers you want to attract and the quality required for success. The results of a well put together YouTube video creation should start to show instantly. It is by far a cheaper option than running an ad on prime time TV and is just as effective.

When you are happy with your video creation, you must then decide how you are going to use it. Finding the most effective way of getting more traffic directed to your website depends on the type of customers you are targeting i.e. male/female or both or a certain age group and so on. Once you have established these minor but highly important factors, you are well on your way to completion.

So your content is complete and ready to go live, well there are several ways to choose from in getting your content noticed and here are just a few:

YouTube bulletins and email; send emails and create bulletins from your profile or other users. Video response, leaving a short video response relevant to your ad, try to get there first, people tend to only read the first couple of comments left so if you want to be seen, be first.

Create or join a group; you may be lucky enough to find a group that matches your content niche that you may simply just join, if not you can create your own group.

YouTube streams; you can show your video live and engage in chat, thus an advantage of this is you can get the views and opinions on how effective your ad will be.

With new features being created all the time, there is no limits to the amount of promotional options available to anyone who is looking to better their business or maybe starting up a business. You will most certainly see and feel the benefits that YouTube video creation can offer. It has become one of the most powerful advertising tools used in marketing today.

Reasons to Join the YouTube Community

There are many reasons as to why to join YouTube community. Whether you like watching amusing, entertaining movies for free or you like making your own videos to share with other people online, YouTube is the place you want to be. However, YouTube isn’t just a website for watching and sharing videos. It has an online community section, so it can be considered a social networking site as well as being a place to see and show movies.

Many YouTube visitors wonder why they should visit the online community section of the site. If you’re one of these people, realize that your questions about joining are quite normal and something you share with many others.

After all, Internet safety has become a major concern, and many people are nervous or hesitant about interacting with people online. Use caution when you’re using YouTube’s community section, and you should not only be safe, but enjoy yourself at the same time.

The YouTube community consists of many different groups. For example, one group relates to funny videos. You can ask the funny video group to display yours if you have a video you think is highly amusing. If you just like to watch, you can ask to have some of your favorite videos shown in the appropriate YouTube community group.

Joining the YouTube community will give you easy access to many videos you’ll surely enjoy, but it also will give you the ability to initiate and participate in discussions with other YouTube members who are members of or visiting the same group.

If you want to join one of YouTube’s community groups, simply click on the Community tab you can find at the top of the YouTube web page. From there, you’ll be able to choose from a list of YouTube’s many community groups.

The funny videos group mentioned above is just one of them. You’ll see a section for discussions beneath the list of videos that have been added to the group you choose. The discussions section resembles an online message board in certain ways. This is the place where you can post messages or respond to messages posted by other group members.

Joining one of YouTube’s community groups can benefit you a great deal because you’ll be automatically grouped with other members who share the same interests as you, at least with respect to entertainment.

If you’re interested in an even higher degree of interaction with YouTube members, you might want to consider visiting YouTube’s Test Tube section in addition to joining some of the community groups. It’s easy to do – just click on the Test-Tube link in the small print at the bottom of each of YouTube’s pages.

Test Tube is the name of an experimental program YouTube is working on to let users viewing the same video talk about it with each other. It works something like an online message board but also resembles an online chat room. Although Test Tube is still being worked on, it’s almost guaranteed to become a real hit among YouTube’s users.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube doesn’t just involve watching and sharing videos. In addition to those entertaining activities, you’ll be able to join discussions taking place on the website. If you’re not already a member of the YouTube community, you might want to look into joining, because it can add to the fun you already get to enjoy when you’re watching YouTube videos.

Solar Hot Water: Unexpected Winnings

Helping businesses reduce overheads is what I love to do.

My son John is a track work rider, or in other words, the personal coach of very expensive horses, he’s working towards becoming a race horse trainer and managing his own stables. We were having a chat about the challenge of managing a stable’s cash flow these days, in particular the huge cost of electricity. A massive chunk of the stable’s electricity bill is for the production of hot water used to wash down the horses after their work out.

In New South Wales, Australia electricity will increase another 30% by 2013! That’s on top of the 17.6% increase in June 2011. Big electricity increases are happening Australia wide. Gas is not the solution either because as electricity prices rise, gas prices also increase.

If your business uses volumes of heated water solar water is the fastest and easiest way to significantly reduce that overhead. Apart from protecting your business from rising energy costs a solar water system will keep your money in the business where it belongs.

Electricity and gas bills are just like another tax on your business profits and everyone agrees you don’t pay anymore tax than you absolutely have to.

Businesses that are already benefiting from solar water installations are motels, restaurants, dairy farmers, food processing plants, laundromats, commercial food dryers and food dehydrator plants, butchers, resorts, mining and construction camps.

With today’s evacuated tube technology geographical location is no longer reason to not have SHW. Even in some of the coldest climates where temperatures are as low as -30 degrees celsius (-22 degrees fahrenheit) evacuated tube technology will produce very hot water and remain unaffected by the extreme cold.

Advanced evacuated tube technology will produce temperatures in excess of 500 degrees celsius (932 degrees fahrenheit).

Other applications for solar water heating are pool and spa heating and floor heating.

No longer are people dependent on electricity, wood or fossil fuels to heat water.

It is not uncommon for businesses who invest in solar water to have a return on investment within 12 months. And the right system will give you 80 – 90% of your hot water free year after year.

Don’t underestimate how much solar hot water could save your business especially in light of the rapidly increasing cost of energy.Start saving your business some serious money now and treat your self to some unexpected winnings.

Solar hot water is smart business so take action: every day delayed costs you.