How to Generate More Leads?

Social Marketing: Some say Social Marketing will bring you the best quality of leads, because you chat with potential prospects online, you begin to have relationships with your prospects, and you can weed out the people who mean business and the people who are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme. Social marketing includes Myspace, Facebook, and twitter are the most popular ones, but also to some extent, YouTube and forums, will also have the same effect. Basically any site in which you socialize with others, but you cannot simply just keep posting a link to your site over and over, because eventually people will delete you from their list and you just lost potential partners. You actually have to use the sites for what their for, which is socialize.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign: Now this may be an advanced form of marketing, but in my opinion, it is also most effective. It can also consume the most money possible if not used well. Everyone sees Pay-Per-Click ads all over the interenet, Google is the most common, it’s the little blue links on the sides of site. Believe it or not, people pay for their ads to be shown, whether or not anyone buys anything. So now you can see how you can lose money if people come to your site by accident and don’t buy anything, so you have to have a targeted audience and create the most leads with the least amounts of clicks, which can be a difficult task. Pay-Per-Click is also constantly changing so you always have to be on top of things, or you could get “slapped” as most people call it. It is more of a constant learning experience, and that’s why it’s more advanced.

Video Marketing: Another very good form of marketing, and being free only makes it sweeter. The most obvious site to submit your videos is YouTube. This is very good because people can see that your a real person and can sympathize. And some people would rather watch a video than read and you can say a lot in just a minute or two.

Article Marketing: Now this is the type your reading right now lol. Basically writing articles and submitting them to sites can generate a good amount of leads. It is also great way to get free leads, although you may need to learn how to write a fair amount. Experts says writing 10 articles a week is a very good start, and also reading books on how to improve your writing skill and style is important. I recommend the Copywriter’s Handbook, by Robert Blye, and Hypnotic Writing, By Joe Bitale.

There are also very many other ways to generate leads, that I haven’t touched base on, but I’ll leave that to another article. But for now, happy marketing, and til next time.