Need to Start-Up a Home Based Business? Building Website Traffic is Key!

If you are looking to startup a home based business on the internet, you need to be aware the most important thing you can do is build website traffic.

To be sure, market research, creating products, building a list, creating sales copy and constructing websites are all absolutely essential ingredients of a successful web business. But none of this amounts to a hill of beans if you can’t figure out a way to get customers to your website.

So after all the preparatory work has been completed there is a pregnant moment where your website, in all it’s pristine brilliance, is just sitting there earning you absolutely no money.

If you have done your work this jewel in the sun is ready to convert visitors to buying customers. It now becomes the responsibility of the webmaster to divert traffic to his website.

If you remember nothing else remember divert and convert. All the sophisticated things that you have done up to this point and beyond all come down to to this central tenant of online marketing. Divert the traffic and once diverted to your website you must convert it.

There are essentially two ways this is done.

* You pay for it.

* You don’t pay for it

If you pay for it then you will be using something like Google Adwords. People click on your ad and are driven to your site. You then pay the 50 cents or a dollar or more per click to Google.

You are betting Google that you will drive enough paying customers to your site to pay them and still have enough left over at the end for yourself. If you lose the bet for any number of reasons you end up going in the hole. Do it too many times and you will not have a business.

The beginner who probably is pinching his pennies will naturally start looking for ways to drive traffic to his site for free after thinking about this for a little bit.

There are both on site and off site ways of doing this.

A few of the off site examples would be:

* Drop Cards

* Drop Fliers

* Bandit Signs

Some of the on site examples would be:

* You Tube

* Article Marketing

* Digg

* Google Groups

* Foreign Signatures

* Chat Rooms

* Twitter

* Wiki How

* US Free Ads

* Social Networking

* Press Releases

There are many more examples which could be mentioned. But the above are a few of the most popular. If you need an exhaustive list then I would suggest going on Google and researching traffic ideas.

But remember, pick 2 or 3 good ones and focus on them. Do not try to be a “Jack of all Trades” here, it will only dilute your results.

Probably one of the easiest and most productive ways would be to do Article Marketing. It is very simple. You just write a 500 word article and submit it to an ezine directory such as EzineArticles. What is nice about this is webmasters come to the site and use your article. They are supposed to include your link down at the bottom in the biobox. When this is done your URL begins to spread across the internet. Other people come to the directory because they are sent there by search engines in response to keyword queries. They also run into your URL and wind up at your site.

Google sees all this back link traffic and begins to rank your site. The more back links the more Google trusts you. And the more Google trusts you the higher you rise in the Google rankings.

EzineArticles aids and abets this process by sending your article out in their email lists and RSS Feeds.

Eventually when you write enough articles and start developing continuous traffic through back links and rankings you can walk away from a now self sustaining website which will bring in automatic money for years. This allows you to free your self up and develop other self sustaining websites in other niches.

If you are smart enough to be promoting your own product then you can also bring in an army of affiliates to supercharge your traffic for years to come.

Many have found success through article marketing and attracting affiliates. But there are other avenues for driving free traffic, as well, which are fun but more time consuming such as writing on forums and blogs, going to chat rooms or making a video on You Tube. Here you develop trusting relationships which can add to your traffic flows as well. But these require constant scrutiny and a continuous supply of copy.

But never, never forget that all traffic is driven to your site by using laser focused keywords which serve to filter out traffic not suited to your niche. In other words you don’t want a person looking for golf clubs to wind up at your weight loss site. The chances of making a sale here is pretty bleak.

Finally, whatever your decisions are in terms of driving traffic to your site never forget the central role that building website traffic assumes when looking to startup a home based business.