My Review – MyVideo Talk Studio is For Any Business

Ok first I would like to say Thank You for taking the time out of your day to read my article reviews. In my last article I talked a little about MyVideo Talk Studio’s products MYVIDEO DESIGNER Aka Video Email. Let’s just say one of the people I sent it to is calling it Emails with Impact. I agree because you are coming right into someone’s email inbox not as a link, but with video. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for fun or business you will be witnessing technology in the making since it has just been launched in in the United States about 8 weeks ago. The funny thing is that The company Team Effort International wanted to launch it several years back in like 2002 but we weren’t ready for it so they sent it over seas. Believe it or not lots of people were still using dial-up for their internet connection. These days everyone one has a Broadband connection or faster internet connection. So now we can utilize MyVideo Talk Studio! Being available now about 8 weeks they already have about 1400 Reps, because everyone knows technology is something you can count on! I also know they thought it was a great time to get at the top of this Technology Genealogy to reap the benefits of the others who join later. Back to Video Email. It really is a great tool. I add my personal banner to it or my business banner with my photo and logo at the top of the page that is hyper-linked to go to whatever destination desired. Same goes for a decent size picture of choice about (4″x4″) hyper-linked also to designation me. Also the fonts backgrounds colors are customizable to your business colors or whatever you want. I use Video Email to promote new products or events to my customer list and family instead of the boring text we are use to. It is so simple to use it literally takes about 6 mouse clicks to set up a new template and if you can click record and send you are fully equipped!That is just a few ways one could use MyVideo Designer.

MYVIDEO CHANNEL- is the one I had a great time setting up recently! I just call it Me Tube. I call it Me Tube for the simple reason that I am totally branded. What I mean by that is you will only see my header/banner my videos. No more related videos and distractions if someone is wanting to know about me or my business. They can concentrate on my content. I am not saying it will replace YouTube, but I am saying it will do wonders on self-promotion or pinpointing your trade or view. YouTube will always be great for info on various topics,but from a business sense you might not want to send your potential customer to your competition. I have heard you get about 10 pages on MyVideo Channel with 6 per page! That’s a lot of content!It is awesome because all you do is upload your videos and the tools in MyVideo Channel does all the work for you. What is meant by this is it will convert all your videos into a High Quality video file (Flv). That is so easy! I had to have several different encoders before, but now it is all done for us. Another great feature is when someone visits your site your main video has auto-play built in! I chose a introduction video that welcomes people to my site and also explains the content they experience. Also I gave visual instruction on where to click for more information. Your visitors can also see if you have any live broadcast happening by the clicking the live broadcast tab(located below the banner above). Very easy to set up and get going. Very very powerful product!

MYVIDEO BROADCASTER- is the Flagship product of MyVideo Talk Studio! This allows you to have your very own live broadcaster to host events, trainings, Video Conferencing, and so much more. The kicker is you will be broadcasting in High Definition. Here are some of the things I found to be amazing and beneficial to people in business. You can also customize the huge banner above for your logo and your business banner and slogan. You can also have those items just mentioned hyper-linked to what ever you are talking about during your presentation or training. Can you say POWERFUL? If you have a product or service you could display it in HD Video live in your hand while you talk about it! People get the feel of having it because they can see it! If it was jewelery imagine how it would shine and glitter! People get a chance to see your great product not in a still shot but in a HD video. Right now MyVideo Broadcaster is being compared to the big companies like Go to meeting and Cisco/Web X which have made billions of dollars thus far without the features that MyVideo Broadcaster displays. So you know what is next price. Lets put it like this for the cost to use all the tools in MyVideo Talk Studio monthly vs the cost of Go to Meeting and Cisco monthly MyVideo Talk still beats them on prices. Yes you heard me correctly. For a month service of Cisco or Go to Meeting you get all the tools in MyVideo Talk Studio. The layout pods for chat and slide shows in this amazing presentation product are very easily adjusted too. Also you don’t need an expensive webcam to get your videos or broadcasts in HD. The technology they use upgrades your existing webcam to HD! I am using a camera I got from Walmart for 30 dollars!

MyLIVE LEARNING is very powerful for all walks of life. We all know knowledge is power and also if you increase your personal value in life you get better outlooks on life and better paychecks. The people that continue to better themselves continue to make more money. The more info you have better and useful you are in every circumstance. Now imagine being able to improve your knowledge from the privacy of your own home/office.

My Live Learning allows you to access special and VIP live events in Personal Development and Lifestyle Enhancement. Team Effort International is bringing to you: motivational speakers, fitness professionals,language teachers and so many more included in the MyVideo Talk Studio! Just remember with good info in good info comes out! You will really be unique and more valuable. I was always told you have to discipline your disappoints to make it in the world. I couldn’t agree more. Television and Radio is so depressing these days so it is time to prepare your mind for nothing but positive thoughts and knowledge! I haven’t tried this one yet, but it is to be released at the full launch Aug 6! I can’t wait! I listen to Jim Rohn John C. Maxwell and Zig Ziglar. Personal Development is when we make an investment in ourselves. You can’t go wrong there!

MY WEBMEETING Allows you to have live conferences! 1 host in video and 6 other people can have have their own videos on the same screen! Plus a chat box for 100+ people. OK let me explain! You are having a Video conference meeting with 100+ people you and 6 other people are on the screen in their own pods. When one speaker is done you can exchange that person for one of the other 100 attendees! Oh did I mention that it has Audio and Video! Just think how much time and money one could save on traveling for meetings in different countries and states! I thought it would be great for family get togethers too. Sometimes people only see other family members at reunions or funerals. That is very very bad. Not with My WEB MEETING! You can talk to your relatives around the world up to 6 at one time! There is true power in staying connected to your family and business.

MY VIDEOWEBSHOW- You are your own director in this one. You can display what ever content you desire on your own Internet Television show with a chat box! ANYTHING! Think of the power of displaying your talents or products and services being broadcasts like a INFOMMERCIAL! Plus have them loop 24/7 while you are away or asleep! You can even make your shows private and charge a fee to join if you chose to! Plus you can add Google AdSense if you like! Also yo can embed your own videos into other websites and post your shows to Social Media like Twitter or Facebook etc.! I am sure this feature will be great for anyone selling anything!

Yes indeed all these products and tools will bring any business large or small to the next level and set them apart from everyone else. The most amazing thing that was added to the powerhouse of marketing tools is they actual allow people to purchase it as a rep or distributor. I saw the power of the MyVideo Talk Studio, but I also know a lot of people that could benefit from the tools. Plus the Genealogy only had under 600+ when I joined about 2 week ago and now there are about 1400. Can you see where Technology is going? If so where would you want to be? Along with it or watching it go by like a parade? We all freaked out when email hit the scene. Now what will we do since Video Marketing in HD has been Introduced to the United States! Remember Timing beats Talent every-time.

Thanks again for reading my reviews and articles! Stay true and Stay Blessed Enjoy Life. See you next time.

Facebook Feeds My Kids – How to ROCKET Your Business Into Networking ORBIT!

Facebook, the PREMIERE social networking site has close to half a BILLION subscribers!

To put this in some kind of context, if Facebook were a country, it would in the top 4 of the world’s highest populated countries.

The potential for networking customers to join your business is phenomenal. People from all over the globe join FACEBOOK to find – Friends, Inspiration, Knowledge, Love & Opportunities of all kinds. are People from all walks of life are joining everyday, and always will.

Do you not think your business could benefit from a presence on FACEBOOK? – OF COURSE it would.

BUT, and it’s a big BUT, Facebook is not there for people to churn out SPAMMY sales messages to anyone who will listen.

Facebook is a social networking site – so NETWORK!

The Beauty of Facebook is, you can invite people to be your friends, you can show your photo’s & videos on your profile, you can show your websites and contact information. You can join groups related to your interests and you can attend the many Webinars offered by fellow members?

GREAT, you say – so how does this all help me?

How I use Facebook is as follows:

I create a Fan Page (yes, even Internet Marketers can have FAN PAGES) – you do this by logging in to your Facebook account – into the search bar at the top, type in “Create Facebook Fan Page” – now follow the instruction to create your very own FAN PAGE…

Now, why would you want a Fan Page?, well OK, lets say you are running something like Keith’s Money Making Tips (no, this really isn’t a plug for me lol) – if you have a Fan Page, people who wouldn’t normally find you, nor know what you do, can find your Fan Page by searching “Money Making” or “Make Money” for instance, hence driving HOT PROSPECTS! to you Fan Page to read about your offers, your content etc etc…

So, to be a SAVVY Marketer or online business owner and to use the Power of Facebook, you definitely need a Fan Page.

Now, lets say, you have plenty of friends on Facebook and you are wondering what to do with all these friends…. you can have up to 5000 friends on any ONE ID.

The next stage is – you TALK to them – either by the Facebook chat, or you could email, phone or SKYPE them, depending on the details they have allowed you to see on their profile.

Get to know people, after all it is called SOCIAL NETWORKING! – don’t just go for the JUGULAR and give them your pitch – be SUBTLE, be friendly – gets some chat going back and forth.

What I do is, once people accept my friend request (most will if you have a nice profile picture of yourself and you seem genuine enough) I write a nice message on their wall saying something like ” Thank you for adding me as a friend here on FACEBOOK, I look forward to getting to know you and to network with you.” I then sign it and discreetly add my link to my website underneath the message.

Now, this is a nice way of thanking the person and also it discreetly drops the link to your website or fan page onto that persons wall and can be seen by anyone visiting that person’s wall, hence increasing exposure to your link.

The next step for you is to make yourself some nice free videos (as explained in one of our previous tips) explaining the highlights of your products and to place them on your profile.. people who are viewing your profile can now see your videos and in particular if they are good and of obvious benefit to people, they may choose to share them with other people.

You may choose to share them with other people by sharing them on your own wall for all to see.

It is possible to TAG people in one or more of your videos, this means that your video will appear on the TAGGEDfriend/s profile and will be seen by his/her friends – please, though – before you do this, make sure that you have built up a relationship with that person, and if not quite sure, simply “ask them” if it’s OK.

REMEMBER, you can make some great contacts on FACEBOOK for the future, build rapport, build relationships – have fun, treat people with respect and offer MORE than what you are ASKING FOR – tell jokes, give great quotes, stories – photo’s, videos, etc, etc, then most people won’t mind listening to the occasional offer you have.

I hope this has been helpful. And to all my FRIENDS on Facebook – I love our daily chats & interactions. It makes my day!


Small Business Marketing Tips From A Tiny Tube Of Mascara

I recently purchased a trial size of a more expensive mascara than I usually buy. Why? I can tell you it was NOT because I saw a glossy, splashy ad in a magazine nor a giant billboard. No Kardashian gal promoted it on TV. In fact I had never heard of it before.

I had only to lay eyes on this minuscule tube of mascara when approximately 200 seconds later I handed over 10 clams for it.

The story needs to be told because it reveals how a small, unknown brand competed with three popular and well-known brands; and got the sale.

The takeaways are huge for us small biz folks. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially when it comes to small business marketing.

We’ve all heard the expression “Go big or go home.”

You hear it in sports and in business; it’s also a kind of personal mantra for some people. This philosophy manifests in different ways, often to the speaker’s detriment, if you ask me. Going big, or pouring on the sauce too thick right at the beginning without a plan or strategy, wastes precious resources. Not to mention the implied petulance in “… or go home.” In my experience, most successful people are determined to be here a year from now.

Small, consistent and strategic steps in your desired direction can get you where you want to be faster than competing with giants in their traditional channels.

Counterintuitively, creative, small businesspeople who want to “go big” might consider doing so by embracing their own small size and ability to maneuver in the marketplace.

The effect can be downright mighty! Case in point: the following mascara episode.

Have you noticed lately? Mascara is hot. Mascara and nail polish. There are more new brands, formulas and colors available among these two beauty products than ever before. Your mascara and nail polish choices are almost overwhelming. If you purchase beauty products, this niche exploded on your radar within the last year.

It was on my mind the other day when I went to Ulta to grab some mascara. I had been thinking “eyelashes” on three separate occasions the previous week.

1. I had received a Mary Kay magazine touting a new summer three-step mascara program.

2. During carpool, I had chatted with my teenaged daughter and her girlfriends about lash extensions and false eyelashes, and

3. Coincidentally my mascara was down to the dregs.

On their own, each of these incidents would have hardly registered, but combined, they suddenly had an effect on me, a mascara consumer… and I was going shopping.

When I got to Ulta (a beauty supply shop) I grabbed my usual picks from the rack (one of each, regular and waterproof) and went to check out.

Now here’s the interesting part: just before the Ulta checkout counter are small kiosks of trial sized products of all sorts. You have to walk around these 5 foot displays to get in line.

What do you think caught my eye? You guessed it. A tiny box of mascara. $10… More than I usually spend on the regular size. BUT, I had been considering an upgrade… why not!

When I went to ring out, what should be sitting directly in front of my eyeballs but a display of full-sized mascaras (full-sized price). The same brand as the trial size I was holding in my hand. Well, you can imagine the effect. Suddenly that trial size at $10 didn’t seem like much of a commitment at all. Even though I usually spend $7 or $8, here I was choosing an additional $10 tube of mascara which probably contains only enough goo to cover your lashes three times!

Marketing well done.

I want you to connect the dots. Here’s a small unknown mascara — “They’re Real” made by a big-enough cosmetics company, Benefit. But by playing small, it competed with three of the biggest beauty products giants in America. Mary Kay, Maybelline and Loreal.

And because it offered me a small size, it won my business and earned my cash. It didn’t sell me on the biggest or the most expensive, but on availability of a small trial size of it’s signature product. It piggy-backed on the huge mascara trend and snuck in with just the right thing.

And get this: the woman who rung me up casually mentioned, “You’re going to love” that stuff. Then added, “Did you know Austin Ulta stores outsell ALL other Ulta stores nationwide in mascara?”

“Why no I didn’t know that… Imagine that!” (Don’t you love it?)

The next time you are thinking “Go big or go home,” remember the tiny trial sized mascara that won the sale. You may find a more creative way to “go big.”

Here are the criteria that worked for “They’re Real” Mascara

1. Timing — catching a trend

2. Piggybacking on other major brands’ advertising and marketing

3. Placement — creatively getting in from of the ideal customer’s eye

4. Testimonial, especially from “someone who should know”

5. An easy level of commitment (a trial size)

6. Higher price/quality (sometimes higher priced products sell better!)

Now get those great ideas out there. “Go Big” by going “Quick, Smart — and Small.”