Best Places To Meet Women – Do You Know Where To Get An Edge?

One of my male friends asked me about the best places to meet women recently, so I took a quick poll amongst my single girlfriends to see where they’d met the guys they’ve dated over the last couple of years. Most of my crowd have met a guy at dancing at some time. There used to be more girls than men at every dance class and it can still happen if you’re wanting to improve the odds, but usually it’s fairly even these days so maybe you guys are catching on.

The thing about dance classes, jive, salsa, whatever, is that people move around in the lessons so you meet everyone, a bit like speed dating with contact! Of course not everyone is there to meet single people of the opposite sex, but my single friends go quite often and some of them drop out when they get involved with someone who isn’t a dancer so there is a high proportion of singles. If someone is involved with a male dancer you’ll spot it, so flirt away with the others! Speed dating is another obvious place, but the novelty is wearing off, internet dating has worked better for me because I can find out a few things in advance and spend the entire evening with the guy if it’s going well, or get out quick if it isn’t!

I met my last boyfriend but one at the gym and that was great, red hot sex and all that, but it didn’t last because sex was all we had in common. Some of my friends have got lucky in the supermarket, on the tube, at the airport and on holiday as well as the obvious; we do go out on the pull too you know. If I go out with the girls it will be to a gastro pub and maybe a nightclub afterwards, all pretty obvious and it’s rare frankly to meet a guy with potential at these places. We might think we’re on the pull, but usually we’re so busy catching up with each other and eating in the pub that it’s hard for a guy to break in and nightclubs are too noisy, it’s just fun, let the hair down time we may flirt and you might get a number but we usually leave as a group.

If you’re on your own guys then art galleries offer a great chance to talk and ready made subject matter and I often pop into one alone. There’s no guarantee of finding a single woman there but it’s a possibility. Parties have been good to me, I tend to trust a guy more if he’s a friend of a friend and I may have had just enough to drink to be in a happy, relaxed frame of mind which is always good.

So, if I had to list them the best places to meet women are: one dancing, two the gym, three the internet, four parties, five the right kind of pub and if you want to be creative any kind of class environment where people are thrown together like language classes, and finally art galleries and museums even the sandwich bar at lunchtime. But you know guys, we always feel good getting chatted up by a bloke any time, especially if it’s unexpected, so keep your wits about you and smile because the next best place to meet a woman is her place.

Phobias, Fears and Confidence Building – A Very Quick Solution

All of a sudden, my telephone has not stopped ringing from people wanting help with their phobias, fears and confidence building, and I have to be careful how I answer the calls, as these are not unwanted calls I wrote about.

So, today saw me in Central London, working with a client who would not travel on the tube (metro). She also had a fear of escalators.

A phobia is an irrational fear that has got out of hand.

A phobia is a learned reaction to a stimulus or situation that creates an internal response or feeling which is inappropriate to what is happening.

Symptoms can be very varied, from panic attacks, extreme sweating, blushing, fainting, the list goes on.

If something can be learned leading to an irrational phobia or fear, then an alternative better response can be learned, and that better response run to the stimulus or situation.

This learning of a new response can be installed in a very short time, I usually only work with a client once, and for as long it takes for the new response to be installed, two minutes or ten hours.

I do not use an office, I do not have a consulting room with a couch, and I do not usually have clients visit me. I go to my clients, or I meet the client wherever the fear or phobia takes place, a departure lounge of an airport, a swimming pool, open spaces, in a dogs kennel, a hospital or dentists waiting room, wherever is suitable.

I have worked in a swimming pool in Sri Lanka with a lady who I had just met with a fear of spiders, and within minutes we were searching the bushes in the surrounding gardens for spiders.

So there I was in a crowded London street near a London Underground Tube station entrance, surrounded by shoppers, tourists, families and groups of friends unknown to me, with a client who just wanted to be like other people racing about us, getting on with their life.

Unseen by others around us I went to work, we were just two people talking, with me being a little more animated than normal. It was as if we did not exist to people.

After a few minutes, with a smile on her face and happiness in her heart, we entered the tube station, walking down the steps into the ticket hall to buy a ticket, through the barriers to ride the escalator down to the platform.

She tried to get those unwanted feelings of what had been, but they were just not there anymore as we stood waiting for the train along with many more passengers.

We chatted, and watched others not even noticing us, passing through many stations until I got to Waterloo, my stop, when I bid her farewell, never to see her again, as she can now move on in life, do the things she had wanted to do.

Phillip Holt usually travels to the clients own home or office, no matter how far and in any country, and will only see the client once for as long as required.

The Buzz You Need to Know About Google+

There is a lot of hype on the internet, and every product launch brings its advocates and critic’s. The launch of Google+ is no exception, (read as Google plus). I am a huge advocate of social media and online networking. When a giant internet player like Google says, they are launching a social media platform, my ears perk up, and I pay attention. This article provides a quick synopsis of what Google+ brings to the table. It will show what is different about Google+ verses the current leader Facebook. It will also give you an overview of some of the cool features that only Google+ provides.

The battle of Social media giants

First, Google+ is new, and new services from a giant internet player like Google are always news and always require some level of attention. Google is a powerful rival of Facebook, and this new entry will be a direct competitor to Facebook and the other social network contenders. Facebook is currently more than three times the size of it’s next competitor. In my opinion, competition is healthy for any industry. Google+ has the real potential to compete in the social network arena. Google is one of the world’s largest corporations, and they change the rules of any sand box they chose to play in.

Don’t get me wrong, I like using Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter. I joined these social media networks early on when they were at the beginning stages of widespread distribution. I wanted to see if they could rival the face-to-face networking I had been engaged in for many years.

On the other hand, it has been my experience that when companies mature and reach high profitability, they stumble. They enter a period of naive thinking that lends itself to a culture of arrogance, and the belief that they can do no wrong. Facebook has been implementing many changes to their network over the last six months without consulting their subscribers. These changes have angered a lot of it members.

Having said this, Facebook is still on top. Any current disillusionment that has surfaced hasn’t slowed the rush of people who continue to join Facebook in record numbers. In fact, I recently read that they had reached the 750 million-subscriber mark this year. That’s up about 250 million subscribers in about a year and a half (depending on whose numbers you believe). I am only bringing this up because member disillusionment may be the kink in Facebook’s armor. This discontent may give Google+ the chance to make inroads into social networks market place. Something that Google has not been able to do in the past.

Why Google+

Whether Facebook is showing weakness or not, here are several reasons why Google+ will make inroads this time around, (even if it’s only taking market share from other networks). First, they have made Google+ very easy to join and use. If you are a Gmail subscriber, it’s a matter of a few clicks and filling in your basic profile info. You are not required to fill out your complete profile. This process only takes a few minutes to complete, (especially if you are cutting and pasting from Facebook).

Gmail Subscribers Welcome.

If you’re a Gmail subscriber, some of your contacts will automatically be imported for you, and you don’t have to have any technical knowledge of CVS files or data exporting. Some of names in your contact list will automatically show up and begin the process of creating your circles of influence. You will simply drag and drop people from your list into predefined circles or create circles of your own.

Circles, Circles Everywhere.

Speaking of circles, one of the coolest features of Google+ is their circles grouping feature. It seems much more intuitive and easier to use than the one provided currently by Facebook. This interface allows you to organize your contacts into groups that appear as circles, literally. There are a few predetermine groups, but you can customize them all you want and people can belong to as many different circles as you desire.

Circles also allow you to filter your news feed (called the stream in Google+) so that your circle selection becomes your stream feed control. In other words, the circle you select can determine whose post your watching. It can limit your view of which posts are streamed into view. Changing your view is easy and intuitive. Some of the clean simplicity that Google+ demonstrates is by design. Some of its clean and uncluttered look is because Google+ is new, and it is unencumbered with all the trappings that come with a mature social media site. Either way, I appreciate the clean, easy to use, and fun interface Google+ has to offer.

Do you like to Hangout?

Speaking of other fun features, Google+ has two worth mentioning. The first is Hangouts. Google+ provides a video Chat room for groups of people. You can video chat, share You Tube videos, invite others and have a real online video conversation with several people. This is a face to face conversation. You need a video camera and microphone attached to your computer to use this service effectively. I believe this will be a standard feature on most if not all computers. Most laptops and tables computers come with this as a standard item so that the user can engage in video chat. This is a cool feature which I am sure it will get lots of use. I believe the maximum number of people that a Hangout session will hold is probably limited by your screen size and the speed of your internet connection. I believe between six to nine people will probably work well. After that, it will probably seem crowded. I suggest you check this feature out and start thinking of all the cool ways you could use this service.

Did you say you wanted acclaimed games?

Another feature that I genuinely like is the games Google+ includes. Unlike the games used with Facebook, Google+ has a game’s menu built in. The variety of games they offer is extensive. It includes 18 games like Anger Bird, Bejeweled Blitz, City Ville, Diamond Dash, Dragons of Atlantic, Crime City, Sudoku Puzzles, City of Wonder and Zynga Poker just to name a few. All of these games are designed to be shared socially. Even Angry Birds, let you share your score so you can play against your friends.

So there you have it, a quick overview of the buzz surrounding Google+ and how it compares to Facebook. Google+ is still extremely new, and it currently does not offer the number of subscribers, features and maturity that Facebook or LinkedIn offers. Having said that, Google+ is extremely user friendly, easy to navigate and provides several new, innovative features’. Features like circles, hangouts and the integrated games provide a high cool factor for most users. Add to this all the other Google applications and properties you have access to, (Google is prodigious), and you have the beginnings of a social media contender. It may not be a Facebook or LinkedIn killer yet, but its innovative approach and connections to Google’s vast library of applications and internet properties will help it to receive rapid adoption and meteoric growth.

That’s my Opinion, what’s yours?