Three Easy Ways to Advertise Your Business Via The Internet For Free

Due to the economy crisis, there are many savvy business owners trying to look out on the cheapest way to get full exposure for advertising their business. This has to come up with a solution on advertising over the Internet for driving targeted prospects to their products and services.

In this article, I am going to show you three of the easiest ways to advertise and promote your business using the power of the Internet without spending a single penny out of your pocket.

Method #1: Get Interviewed on Blog Talk Radio Shows

Blog Talk Radio has been known as one of the best Internet radio channels hosting radio shows from savvy bloggers around the internet. The hosts keep creating new programs on their network, and they are always in need of guests to interview for their listeners. There are plenty of categories such as entertainment, sports, travel and food for you to conduct a search that is related to your niche.

Once you have found that one most suited your business, you may contact the show’s host and ask them whether you can be interviewed for their upcoming broadcast. Tell the host, how your business could benefit their listeners and share your knowledge, and at the same time you will be able to advertise your website business address. If you find this type of exposure most suited for your business needs, then you can even create your own radio show to get targeted audience on the Internet radio regularly.

Method #2: Participate in Related Forums

Becoming active on forums that are related to your business is one of the best free advertising methods on the Internet. The reason why business owners having their own forums and chat rooms are to let their members, customers, employees and colleagues meeting up, sharing their thoughts, giving ideas and tips. That’s why, if you notice, Internet marketers like to participate and make use of the forums’ community to communicate with peoples interested in their products and services. These forums are usually for Internet marketers to announce their upcoming new-product releases.

There are two types of community forums available on the Internet these days, and they are either on free or paid forums. You may find some of the forums to require to pay for an entrance fee in order to communicate with their members. It’s well worth paying for the entrance fee if you found there are a lot of questions, and discussions arise inside the forum by their members. This is what it makes up to be a quality forum which you should not be skipped.

Forums are known as one of the great ways to spread the word out about yourself, and you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche. It is also an excellent place to learn, grow and improve your skills with added knowledge for you. In order to utilize the strength of forums, once you have registered an account on the forums you are going to participate for your business promotion, make sure you don’t right away post and advertise your business website address inside any of the forum’s post. Instead, you should introduce yourself and tell everyone what you’re doing.

Once you have posted a number of informative threads inside the forum, you may add your website link in the signature of your profile, and this will shows up every time you make a new post or replying to someone else. The most useful information and contributions you have done to the forum, the merrier you’ll be, and this will lead to greater exposure for your business as you’re developing a strong and solid networking foundation with other members of the forum. At the same time, you’re also marketing your products, services and as well as sharpening your skills in your niche.

Method #3: Getting Audience From You-Tube Videos

Marketing and promoting your business via videos has been proven for many business owners. You-Tube is one of the largest video’s social sharing site on the Internet. You can create a promotional video to show your products or services with a link inside the video to drive tons of traffic visitors to your main business website. If you can create an entertaining video and upload it to YouTube, you’ll easily get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views within a few hours only. As most people love to be entertained by watching humorous videos over their computer, tablet PC or their smart phone.

However, on my experience, peoples preferred to watch videos, which are related to training and as well as tutorials compare to read the guide. To drive targeted audience from You-Tube, you can make a few parts of the learning videos related to your products or services and for the remaining parts, you can use it to draw visitors to your website. Just don’t forget to use your creativity and imagination by spending a small amount of time to create interesting video series that could entice the viewers to your website.

At last, the three ways that I mentioned above are just select few ways that you can apply for promoting and advertising your business on the Internet without spending a single dime. Furthermore, you are also not limited to other advertising and promotional methods such as article marketing, link exchange programs, social networking, blog commenting and much more. Always remind you that not everything in this world could be achieved by paying the dollars. In fact, you can get the same results successfully without breaking the bank.

Social Media Marketing – How to Make Customers Like You, So That They Buy From You


This article will provide you some tangible social media marketing tools that will increase your sales effectiveness on the web. Social media marketing is using the 2 way communication aspect of current web  technology to improve effectiveness of your marketing.  In internet marketing, since products and services are purchased without ever a direct human involved, you ability to be liked, is essential to being trusted. Social media marketing is means of using the two way conversational technology available today, to achieve your sales goals. Think about handing your money over to someone or some organization that you do not trust…won’t happen! People need to like you in order to trust you. Being likable does not mean being cuddly or being friends to your customer. It means being an overall favorable experience in all aspects to your customer. It may mean being friendly in your communications. But it does not mean being buddies for chat and chatter. I know many successful marketers that are very curt in their communications, but take appropriate action when I contact them. And I trust that

So you ask, what do I need to say or do, to be liked? First of all, you need to be yourself. I have made the mistake of trying to replicate a voice that would appear to be “consumable” to my audience. Appearing friendly when you are naturally a bit sardonic (for example) may appear to be a smart choice. But what happens, is that it is hard to assimilate someone else’s manner even though you may think you need to. Just be yourself, it is much easier to be effective.

Additionally, customers’ web experiences with you need to be flawless. Your website should be intuitive, all links work, copy should reflect keywords that they seek, and visually attractive. There are ugly websites out there (take a look at Craig’s List) that are successful, but they are the exception. Trusting you means that you have satisfied their web search on the expectation of you solving their needs for more information. Do not disappoint them on first occurrence or you may never see them again.

1. Blogs/Website

There is a very strong tendency recently for companies to put their blog ahead of the traditional web pages. Why? Because these companies know, that when people like you (or your company), then you will more like trust them and ultimately that leads to sales. In other words, your voice (meaning your opinion) means trust, and trust means sales. Since your storefront on the net is your blog and website, it is essential that you make a stand for your customers in the pursuit of solving their needs.

In the early stages of the sales cycle, you job is to make sure that they are aware of you, and that you have provided them with the essential education. The essential education is that you are a believable source. When you show that you know how to solve their needs, then they will be much more open to expressing their concerns without reservation. So, using your blog, you will want to demonstrate your passion for solving their problems and moving them along the best way possible with an answer (your answer). This needs to take form in your copy and image on your blog.

2. Meetup Groups

There is nothing like old fashioned, face-to-face meetings on topics of interest so that people get to know what you are made of. Although it may seem like work to some people, getting together physically in Meetup Groups with people is a great way of spreading your influence on the web. Meetup Groups are special interest groups that are continuing to form on every continent. Whether your market niche is rock climbing, lizard collecting or lingerie, there are groups that form on Meetup Groups’ website in you location, which are a very good means of delivering your personal touch.

Every meetup group has a webpage on their website and many of these groups allow open messaging to the whole group. As is usual in sending messages to people unsolicited, it is always best to make sure that your message provides content that is of wide interest to the group and not blatant pitching your product. Because remember, we are trying to get you liked. They need to like before they buy. If they like you, they may be able to utilize their network of people to spread the word.

3. On-line Video

Whether you are using Linked In, Facebook, MySpace or any other Web 2.0 property, the ability to use video is about as intimate as you can be on the net. If you want to be liked, let people see and hear you talking about their interests. Make sure that you also express what kind of an answer they are looking for and how your solution solves it. You Tube is the way to do this very simply. Many people are shy about videos. It takes a few times when you first film videos, to become comfortable with being in front of a lens, but after that you will become a natural. Taking a video with your digital camera or camera phone is about the easiest way to do this. Upload your video to You Tube, make sure that it is keyword coded according to your niche. Why? Because the second highest search engine (after Google of course) in the world is You Tube. That means more people are searching for stuff on You Tube, than on Yahoo. Embed the video in your web page and other places using the code provided by You Tube.

4. Photo-sharing is the most widely known of the photo sharing places on the net. Flickr is a free service and uses your Yahoo account name, if you have one. If not, you can create one. The beauty of Flickr is that 1) you can utilize these photos in any type of web activity – e-mail, blogs, discussion groups, Twitter messages and others, and 2) Flickr allows you yet another opportunity to have a page where people can come and get to know you.

With photos, you have a sort of similar presence as video. However, photos allow you to cover a lot of ground quickly. You already probably have a lot of digital photos of vacations, friends, family, your product, your dog, your house and your garage band. You can use any of these that can enhance the brand that you are furthering. Remember what brand is – it is the gut reaction that people have of you, your products, your interests or your approach to a cause. Make sure that it is coherent and utilize photos to enhance it.

5. Content Aggregation

What is content aggregation? Content aggregation is when you actively funnel publicly available web information (blogs, websites, videos, presentations) to your people (customers for instance), that you know will be of interest to them. The benefit to your customers, is that you keep them from running around gathering opinions and information. In addition, they get the benefit of hearing your commentary on this information in preceding notes. The advantage to you is that you keep them on your channel while they view this information. You do not want them leaving your website (your storefront) in order to go chasing around for stuff.

Content aggregation allows you to appear to be an advocate for them in solving their problems, while continuously pitching your product. It also provides objective opinions and information from other experts that confirm their intellectual understanding of their needs and how it relates to your solution.

Inbound Marketing

What do I mean by inbound marketing? It is the feedback that you will carry back into your business practices, to better serve your customers. If you find that you are getting customer traffic to your site with no intended response (for instance a high bounce rate). It is time to think about why. Are you talking to your customers directly. In your copy, I advise you to use the word “you” when speaking to your audience rather than just referring to “our customers.” Are you getting a lot of comments on your blog? If not, ask your friends, family and close colleagues to review your blog to determine possible problems. I know this is hard. It may be the complexity, colors, copy or tone of your blog does not match their expectations.

Measuring How Well Customers Like You

Although it is a challenge to know how well you are liked in your niche web dealings, there are some tell tale signs that this is occurring. Assuming you are getting traffic to your blog, are people signing up for your opt-in or commenting on your posts? If not, it may not mean that they do not like you or your cause. It may mean that your writing is not engaging them or you are spending to much time pushing your product at the expense of connecting to them as people. Listen for a connection in the tone of the comments that are there. Do they sound like they understand that you have captured their interests? They may have questions about competing alternatives or product features or how to purchase, but those are not “liking questions.”

In Summary

Now that you know how to get customers to like you, you will overcome a huge barrier to later stages in the sales cycle. Remember that being liked means that your are coherently connecting with their issues and you represent a dynamic solution. It does not mean being friends or buddies to them. Nor should you spend time being friends or buddies. There is not enough time. You already have friends and buddies.

Earnestly representing their needs, showing them that you know what they need to solve it and being the answer is the way. The above ideas are means of relaying that. Be yourself and enjoy your interactions with people. You are here to bring your uniqueness to your business.

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Google+ the New Social Media Service, Will It Conquer Facebook or Fall by the Wasteside?

Google the search engine pioneer has recently introduced Google+, which is their version of a social networking service that is similar to the popular Facebook that many are addicted too. Like any social networking service Google+, offers the ability to connect and share anything from pictures, music to specific personal thoughts with your friends and family, but it’s more versatile and geared towards group sharing in many different ways. The new Google+ features categories such as Circles, Hangouts, Huddle, Instant Upload, Sparks, Streaming, Games and +1. The category Circles, gives its users the ability to integrate their personal contacts into groups pertaining to interests with privacy settings that allow you to hide people’s names in the circle and hide the circle all together. This system replaces the well-known friend’s list function on Facebook that most people are not too crazy about. With the Hangouts feature, Google takes video chatting to a completely different level.

You can video chat with up to ten people at the same time. It also allows the ability to watch a video with friends in the video chat at the same time, just by clicking the share button under the video on you tube. The only downside to this feature is that if someone gets a hold of the URL anyone can join the video chat even if they don’t know them. The Huddle feature allows multiple friends to instant message each other in groups through any smart phone or computer. Let’s say you and a few friends want to go to a movie. The Huddle feature makes this easy to decide which movie too watch because of its ability to instant message in groups like you can do on the well know video conferencing program called Skype.

The Instant Upload feature allows users to upload their photos from a smart phone anywhere they go and it puts the photos into a private photo album for viewing later where as, Facebook only uploads the photos directly to the front of a users page. Sometimes people don’t want to share all their photos with the world so the Google’s Instant Upload feature is more practical. Next, on the list of features is the Sparks feature, all you have to do is just type in what you’re interested in specifically. Let’s say fashion for instance and it will send you stuff it thinks might interest you within that category, so when you are free, there will always be something interesting to read share or watch. The Stream feature is just like any other stream the only difference is that it can filter to only show the posts from specific Circles.

Like other social networking sites Google+ also has games, but is not its main focus and does not draw attention to them very much. They only have 16 games and there is a specific tab called games that they are all listed under. The Google +1 feature is like the like button on Facebook people click on what interests them and it recommends it to others with the +1 symbol. With such a demand for social media and its ability to rapidly create back links in SEO marketing. It is quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday life and its presence has also become an important component of organic search engine optimization. It is a market any business can’t afford to ignore. As you can see Google+ has a lot of similar features as the previously dominating Facebook, but the main difference is its integrating features that may give Facebook a run for its money.