Reasons to Join the YouTube Community

There are many reasons as to why to join YouTube community. Whether you like watching amusing, entertaining movies for free or you like making your own videos to share with other people online, YouTube is the place you want to be. However, YouTube isn’t just a website for watching and sharing videos. It has an online community section, so it can be considered a social networking site as well as being a place to see and show movies.

Many YouTube visitors wonder why they should visit the online community section of the site. If you’re one of these people, realize that your questions about joining are quite normal and something you share with many others.

After all, Internet safety has become a major concern, and many people are nervous or hesitant about interacting with people online. Use caution when you’re using YouTube’s community section, and you should not only be safe, but enjoy yourself at the same time.

The YouTube community consists of many different groups. For example, one group relates to funny videos. You can ask the funny video group to display yours if you have a video you think is highly amusing. If you just like to watch, you can ask to have some of your favorite videos shown in the appropriate YouTube community group.

Joining the YouTube community will give you easy access to many videos you’ll surely enjoy, but it also will give you the ability to initiate and participate in discussions with other YouTube members who are members of or visiting the same group.

If you want to join one of YouTube’s community groups, simply click on the Community tab you can find at the top of the YouTube web page. From there, you’ll be able to choose from a list of YouTube’s many community groups.

The funny videos group mentioned above is just one of them. You’ll see a section for discussions beneath the list of videos that have been added to the group you choose. The discussions section resembles an online message board in certain ways. This is the place where you can post messages or respond to messages posted by other group members.

Joining one of YouTube’s community groups can benefit you a great deal because you’ll be automatically grouped with other members who share the same interests as you, at least with respect to entertainment.

If you’re interested in an even higher degree of interaction with YouTube members, you might want to consider visiting YouTube’s Test Tube section in addition to joining some of the community groups. It’s easy to do – just click on the Test-Tube link in the small print at the bottom of each of YouTube’s pages.

Test Tube is the name of an experimental program YouTube is working on to let users viewing the same video talk about it with each other. It works something like an online message board but also resembles an online chat room. Although Test Tube is still being worked on, it’s almost guaranteed to become a real hit among YouTube’s users.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube doesn’t just involve watching and sharing videos. In addition to those entertaining activities, you’ll be able to join discussions taking place on the website. If you’re not already a member of the YouTube community, you might want to look into joining, because it can add to the fun you already get to enjoy when you’re watching YouTube videos.