Samsung Galaxy Chat: A Smartphone for Young Socially Active and Professionals

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the market of Smartphone; whether the product is a high end or a low end phone, it is always successful in appeasing the customers. This time again Samsung is in news for giving a tough competition to its adversaries RIM and Nokia by providing its users with a High-end Chat enabled handset which is supposed to be much like the one close to BlackBerry.

This new handset by Samsung Galaxy is initially launched in Seoul on the fated day of America’s Independence the 4th of July. This Smartphone handset has a touch enabled screen with a display of 3 Inch QVGA along with easy to handle type keypad similar to the PC keyboard. This does seem like Samsung is all about to give a tough competition to BlackBerry.

Product launch

Samsung Galaxy Chat too like its predecessor will be launched on foreign shores, it is said that Spain will be the first to experience the utility of this handset in July. The product will then be launched in major continents around the globe including Middle East with a competitive price range. This sure indicates of reaching out to majority of customers who are budget conscious and are looking for a high-end quality Smartphone. However a question remains unanswered that whether this product will be launched in United States? This is yet to be confirmed by the company. Additionally the official spokesman for the company is yet to announce the news regarding the compliance of SAFE (Samsung Approved for the Enterprise) which is still in the talks.

SAFE is a program that is especially meant for U.S. and so the plan to make it available for the U.S. user is still questionable. Acquiring the approval for SAFE is still in the pipeline.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Chat

Comparing this phone with its predecessor Galaxy S III, it can be said that the most common feature is that of social connect. Galaxy Chat too is meant for the people who remain socially visible and like connecting to people on social networking websites. The users are provided with the ease of a specific key that enables in quick connect to social website. The functionality of ChatON provides the user with the freedom of cross-communication with other users of various handset platforms within a specified community. This way the users can chat within a given group in unified community and gain access to group chat for exchanging instant messages. The chat will support transferring files, images, emoticons, animations within a span of seconds.

Chat is enabled on the Android platform (4.0 Ice cream sandwich) including a tray of programs that display the list of Favorites. This way the user can instantaneously add and access the specified applications. Obtaining widgets with the ability to resize including the ICS perks is what makes this feature more interesting. Additionally the user can benefit from using the functionality of capturing images and launching camera (2 mp) even when the screen is locked. With all these features bundled in one package it is surely going to capture the attention of the young users who are keen on getting the ICS functionality on a Android based Smartphone.

Furthermore users will have enhanced chat experience with 850MHZ processor, QuickOfice functionality, TouchWiz UI and Document Viewer. This means that this is not just another social media enabled phone but is also capable of being utilized by the professionals.

As far as apps are concerned these include most of the apps provided by Google like Play Store, G-Talk, Maps, You Tube and search option. If you are concerned about staying connected on the go then the utility of WiFi is included along with the facilities of Bluetooth and a USB (2.0). Data of up to 4GB can be easily stored on the device with an expandable memory of 32GB microSD for added storage space. The look and feel of the phone is impressive, weighing around 4 ounces and measuring 2.3×4.7×0.46 inches.

In conclusion Samsung Galaxy Chat is a product that is meant to attract majority of users including the young social media active crowd as well as the professionals looking for a budget friendly Smartphone.