The Internet and How it Has Helped the World Waste Time

No one can dispute that the Internet has brought the world together and made the sharing of information easier than ever before in history. With a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse you can visit other countries, read great quotes, get help with homework, perform research, or learn about great men and women that helped to shape the world. These things make the World Wide Web great, but most of us prefer to use the Web for passing time and having fun. Does anyone really believe that the Internet would be what if it is today without all those dirty pictures? The truth is that the Web is the best waste of time ever invented, and that’s why it’s so great. Do you remember how boring work was before you found all those stupid videos online?

Throughout the 1990s most Internet users only had dial-up connections. America Online, or AOL, was the leader in connecting people to the Web, and they taught many of us to use e-mail, to play in chat rooms, and to instant message. The problem with the dial-up was that we were limited as to what we could download, and how fast we could download it. If you were among the brave that tried day trading during the late 1990s you know how frustrating a slow, or locked up, connection can be.

In the last year or so Web 2.0 has become a buzzword for the modern Internet. Web 2.0 means a lot of things to a lot of people, but mostly it represents the more interactive, cleaner, and faster Internet. Web 2.0 is the Internet they promised us. Now we can easily order anything we want, watch stupid videos, find funny pictures, and conduct all our personal and professional business with more ease and safety than before. The Internet has arrived and has proven its value. Of course, it’s most important aspect is still its ability to help us all waste time at work.

There are loads of places to find fun things to do and look at online. You Tube has more videos than anyone ever imagined possible. Many of them are created at home allowing the average guy on the street to become famous – even if only for a few days. Popular sites like Fark keep us all up-to-date on the unusual news of the day, while at the same time introducing us to more fun sites. Then there are the smaller sites, like, that have gathered the best videos, pictures, and useful information from the Internet and collected it into one place so that users don’t have to waste time while looking for ways to waste time.

No matter who you are the new Web has something for you. The evolution will continue and some day we will look back at today as the Golden Age of the Internet. This is a revolution that is being pushed by business needs, but also by the need to take breaks from reality to have a little fun.